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Kurt Van de Velde

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Kurt Van de Velde
Kurt Van de Velde, Belgian based photographer. Born in 1981. Dreamer. Aquarius. He picked up a camera several years ago and the feeling was just right. This feeling never faded...
Shooting lifestyle photography, with a focus on swimwear.
He takes jobs for campaigns, lookbooks, catalog/e-zine, product shots, creative photography and more. Get in touch if you have a project in mind.
Also available for testshoots!
For info and bookings please mail info@kurtvdv.be

Me, myself & I

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Kurt Van de Velde

The adventures behind the pictures

The team, the fun, what gear I use, ... Check it out on my Instagram account:

Behind the scenes
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Interview in Modellenland Magazine (Dutch)

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Modellenland Magazine

:: Portfolio ::

Brands, Designers & Fashion Stores: Authentics Hamme, De Lingerie Academie, Maison Exclusive, Touroswim, LO OLI TA Swimwear, Bubalus, Lesley-Ann Poppe, Enolah, XL-Mode, Patio Fashion, Stephan Badal, Caroline Bosmans, Andy Imbrechts, Erika Bùs, Peggy Heyninck, Varuna, Boutique Dansé
Publications & Magazines: Whatmatters, B-Authentique, Elle Belgium, Elegant Magazine, Fashionising, JuteFashionMagazine, Ondine Magazine, ModellenlandMagazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Steps Magazine, Mijnleuven
Agencies: The Agent, Jackie Lee, Network-Models, Modelsoffice, Flag Models, Global Model Branding, Fashionmove
Other: Q4u Events, Karting Genk, Patricia's Diner & Take Away, Cutting Ends, June In The City, Soroptimist

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+32 (0)496 96 44 74
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3390 Tielt-Winge, Belgium
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